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Add an oil filter to your system for longer engine life due to wear. My system uses custom aluminum brackets to fit Yaks, the Murphy Moose or the Nanchang CJ-6. Elements are 25 gpm rated at 200 psi peak. A 15 PSI pressure bypass valve is located in the base to relieve an over-pressure condition when the filter is clogged. A low oil pressure sensor and large red LED for the cockpit is included.

The Nanchang unit is shown above and the Yak/Experimental is shown below. This mount fits on any flat surface, such as a firewall or plate attached to the motor mount. Both mount types come with a backing plate for strength and are constructed from 4130 steel and/or aircraft grade aluminum.


These systems have saved engines and lives by trapping metal particles from broken engine rings and pistons while maintaining oil flow. I use high quality 10 micron filters which are available at your local hydraulic supply company.


Mounting hardware and instructions included but you must supply some new hoses and fittings, depending upon your installation needs. Dozens of these systems have been installed over many years of service.


$36o.00 for CJ-6's and $320.00 for Yaks plus shipping, includes 2 elements for domestic customers.

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